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More practical worries

March 30th, 2016 at 01:10 pm

*One of my tires has a nail in it. I discovered it last week and have just been walking everywhere but I would like my car back. I am hoping they'll be able to patch everything up, but I am preparing for having to pay for new tires. I'll find out tomorrow night.

*The wind knocked open our front porch door and damaged the frame. Going to call the man who did our basement and see if he can fix it.

*Still haven't heard back from CPA about taxes and need to know if I am going to owe more than I estimated because the urgency to quit PT job is fierce right now. I am now going to have to start sharing my desk. Great. It's not unreasonable to have two part time employees share but I am still angry about it.

*The lawn mower is also broken but I am leaving that one for my partner to take care of. The lawn is his responsibility.

*Cat- we take her to the vet on Friday to get her cone off. FINALLY. But that's another visit charge and if her eye hasn't healed it's more money for another procedure. We'll do it, of course, it's just hard to swallow with everything else.

*Gardening- we need to buy more dirt. Partner also has a huge plan for an espalier and two more garden boxes and I have no idea where he thinks the money will come from because I am wiped out.

*Loss of income from PT is going to be really hard. It will get better eventually but everything is going to be really tight and even though my discretionary spending has been cut and is so low, the regular bills keep going up.

I am a master juggler and everything will end up paid one way or another but I am tired of worrying about money.

2 Responses to “More practical worries”

  1. PatientSaver Says:

    I just had a nail in my tire last weekend. The low air pressure indicator came on in the car and i was tempted to ignore it becus it had been going on repeatedly in the cold weather months. I brought it in to tire store who fixed it after I left the car but i picked up an hour and a half later.

    It's a very easy patch job. Cost me $7.25. $20 would also be reasonable but i would want to see the nail and the tire if they claimed you needed a whole new tire!

  2. jokeabee Says:

    That's good to know, Patient Saver. I guess with everything going on I just assumed the worst. I only got my drivers license 3.5 years ago and this is my first car. This is new territory for me Smile

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