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Credit card updates

October 23rd, 2015 at 05:22 am

Card Balance 9/25 Balance 10/23
Roof1 $1,174.23 $374.23
Roof2 $4,617.67 $4,549.43
Best Buy $748.99 $723.99
Reno MC $11,000.00 $10,921.26
Visa $624.25 $3,240.42
MC $1,382.55 $2,073.82
Total $19,547.69 $21,883.15

Card Promo Rate Payment Pay off date
Roof1 0% until Jan '16 $750.00 Nov-15
Roof2 0% until May '16 $82.00 May-16
Best Buy 0% until Sep '16 $100.00 Apr-16
Reno MC 0% until May '17 $100.00 May-17
Visa pay in full each month
MC pay in full each month

Balance totals went up, but that is due to putting new furniture on my "regular" cards. We have the cash in the bank to pay for them, so that'll go down significantly when the payment is due.

We paid off some of the reno card to free up credit to charge more. We might do that 1-2 more times, but our reno costs are almost completely over. I will use that card for the points when I can (1.5% cash back) then use the points to pay down the balance. Still overwhelmed with how much I owe but I know that the balances will start dropping in the coming months.

My goal is to have my credit cards be under $16,000 by December 31. I think that is reasonable unless something terrible happens.