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I am still around

October 6th, 2017 at 07:18 pm

Oh lordy.

So, the renovation is still not complete. BUT at least the house is finally functional. The only thing left to do is tile the backsplash in the kitchen, get the shelf/closet situation in the bathroom figured out and install the baseboards in the bathroom.

Right now it looks like we've spent about 17k on the kitchen and bathroom renovation. Definitely reasonable. In what should be a surprise to no one, especially me, N has decided he no longer wants a bus. The entire reason we started the renovation. So instead of transferring all the reno costs to a HELOC,I am going to pay it off. And buy N out of the house. I think it will be better for our relationship if we don't have anything combined. The house has provided us with a lot of freedom, but it is also the cause of a lot of stress.

In addition to the reno debt, I've taken on about 10k in vet bills and bills for a new fence. N's granny passed away at the end of June and we inherited her two King Charles Cavaliers. I can not understate how much joy these dogs have brought me. Sonny is 10 and Little Bit is 13. Sonny was Uncle Charlie's dog and Little Bit was Granny's dog and both of them have taken on the personalities of their (former) owners and it is like having Granny and Charlie around still. Sonny and I are BFFs and I can't tell you how much I love coming home to a dog who is excited to see me. His whole butt wags and he jumps on me and kisses my face and doesn't want to leave my side. Little Bit is more reserved but is learning how to dog better. He loves ear scratches and butt scratches and the rotesserie chicken I buy for him. He is underweight and Sonny is overweight and it is hard to get one to eat and one to exercise.

Again, I just want to state how much I love these dogs.

So, those are the big things. I am currently $27,014.53 in debt. All but $3,121.07 is on 0% interest credit cards. I will able to pay about half of the $3,121 before interest is due but will carry a balance on that card for one month. I should be able to pay each of the other cards off before interest starts to accrue. It kind of makes me sick to have so much debt, but there is no use wallowing.

I have been mystery shopping my heart out. This week alone I have booked over $250 in shops. I am applying to become a scheduler. The pay isn't super great, but it will be welcomed extra income for something I think I will enjoy doing. And if I don't enjoy it I will just quit, since it will be in addition to my full time job.

Even though I owe so much money, i am still contributing about 20% of my income to retirement, between my IRA and my work retirement plans. My net worth is still increasing. But day to day is a little bit of a struggle. I am looking forward to the day when that is not the case.