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Getting a handle on Debt

September 25th, 2015 at 04:19 am

And just like that I am almost $20,000 in debt again! However, a large majority of it is 0% interest and I will pay it off before the no interest period is over.

Here's how it stands

Card Balance 9/25 Promo Rate Payment Paid off
Roof1 $1,174.23 0% until Jan '16 $750.00 11/1/2015
Roof2 $4,617.67 0% until May '16 $82.00 5/1/2016
Best Buy$748.99 0% until Sep '16 $100.00 4/1/2016
Reno MC $11,000.00 0% until May '17 $100.00 5/1/2017
Visa $624.25 pay in full each month
MC $1,382.55 pay in full each month

Once roof 1 is paid off, I'll send $750 a month to Roof2 until it's paid off. Then, once the roof is paid off, I'll start sending more each month to the RenoMC. If AirBnB takes off the way we want it to, then I won't be sending the whole $850 to the card. But if it doesn't then I can snowball what I have been paying and it will be paid off before any interest starts accruing.

We have about $5,000 worth of renovation left and that amount of cash left to pay for it. We are not anticipating any higher expenses at this stage (it should be done end of next week!) I also made planned paying all of it off before I had my second job, so once I get the first paycheck (10/9) it should be easier to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We still need about $2k to go to furnish the basement, but I have some ideas on how to pay and keep the costs down a bit.

Started new job

September 16th, 2015 at 05:25 pm

I am not as young as I think I am. 13 hour days are rough. One good thing is that I am sleeping HARD through the night and not having problems waking up every couple of hours.

The first three days have been...okay. It is a very self directed job. My first day my boss set me up at my workstation and basically told me to go for it. So, good thing is that I can tailor this job to my interests. But it is hard for me to feel comfortable this early on without more structure. But, it is up to me to deal with that. I am already working on a really cool project and love researching it.

My first day AK (boss) asked me if I had applied for the other part time positions offered so I could be full time. I told him I had applied for one but didn't think I was qualified for the other (it is in a part of the world that my only exposure to is one undergraduate class and I visited one country once.) He told me I was definitely qualified and the Librarian in charge of the position was really interested in me.

I did get an interview for the other position. Next Friday. I am fairly positive I will get a job offer-partly because of how much AK is pushing me towards that job and partly because of how interested in me the librarian was when I was interviewing for this current position. Then today I did my orientation with HR and the HR specialist told me both librarians were fighting over me and she hopes to see me soon to go over my full time benefits. BUT as I know so very well, nothing is guaranteed.

AK also told me on the first day that what we needed to do was first get me full time and then use my tuition benefits to take a certain language and then I would be qualified for a certain position and did I know there was an opening at Vanderbuilt. It is nice to have a boss that is so into developing me professionally.

This job is a much slower pace than my current FT job and I think that is part of the reason I am not *in love* with it yet. When I think of leaving FT job I tear up. I don't think I want to go, but it is so hard to do my job now because I am angry and I dread coming here. I know the right step is to leave for awhile to gain experience and then come back.

Laptop still won't turn on and it is starting to bug me. I think I might try to buy a new one this weekend if I can't get it to turn on. If it does turn on then I will still be getting a new one, but not for a couple more weeks/paychecks.

Laptop out of commission

September 12th, 2015 at 03:38 pm

So my laptop is out of commission. It worked fine last night but won't turn on. This same thing happened in July right before we went on vacation. By the end of vacation it magically turned on again. I know if I let it sit a couple days it will start working but what a pain in the ass. I found a solution online to fix it but will have to wait for the boyfriend's help to try it out. At least I have the tablet... The boyfriend put his laptop on !y zero percent best buy card. When that's paid off (probably about 6 weeks) I am going to get a new one and never,ever purchase a Dell again. I paid way more than I wanted to for this laptop and it has been awful.

New part time job starts Monday and so do my 13 hour days. I planned easy to make ahead meals for the week and did the shopping today. Tomorrow I am going to prepare as much as I can for the dinners. I am very concerned about how working this much will affect my relationship and my partner and have have decided we will go out to lunch more often just so we can see each other. I am willing to spend the money for that,but just not this week because we are pretty broke. Luckily we have plenty of food in the freezer and pantry and no bills due until after next payday :-)

Our renovation is in full swing and I really want to talk about it numbers wise but the spreadsheets areon the stupid laptop. Will update about that later.

I guess not

September 11th, 2015 at 04:48 am

I did not get the job. I got an email Wednesday night from the head of the interview team asking me if I had time for a chat the next day. I knew then it was the "we've decided to go with someone else" chat; job offers come from HR.

He began almost immediately asking me if I was going to quit because of my other job and asking me not to. I probably will, but I said that I am going to do both jobs for a year and then reassess.

He told me that I interviewed the strongest, had the most complete program package, and that everyone on the committee agreed I would do a great job in the position. He could not offer any feedback for me to improve my interview skills.

The person chosen had once already held a similar position in a different county. On paper she looks better than I do on paper. He told me I need a deeper resume. There is no way I will get a deeper resume if I stay put because they aren't interested in developing the talent they have.

He told me to keep applying in the future and I said "Will there be positions in the future? In the 6 years I've been here this is the first time we've had an opening." He acknowledged that and agreed in the 8 years he's been there it's the first time, but that he is pushing for more professional hours.

As much as I love my job I can't wait 6 years for another position to open up just to be told how great I am but they're going with another candidate with a "deeper" resume.

When I interviewed at the University one of the committee members told me he was going to be hiring for a similar position and that I should apply. So, I applied last night. If I get it then I will be full time at the university. The pay will be about 50 cents an hour less, but the benefits will be good and I will get to take classes again. AND the hours will be between 8am-6pm M-F with no nights or weekends!

It's a bummer and hard to go to work. But as long as I am there I am making some changes. I am being taken advantage of because I've been so flexible and so willing to help everyone else. I am going to be more vocal about which assignments I prefer, and choose projects that are my interests.

This isn't exactly personal finance related but I don't really have a place to vent about this and my boyfriend and best friend are going to get sick about hearing this soon.