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Wowza, it's been awhile

October 25th, 2016 at 04:04 pm

It's been awhile...

To catch up with the Granny situation... N went down to talk to Granny and her lawyer and see what options she had once MIL left Granny's house. Then N moderated a lunch where Granny told MIL that she needed to leave by August 1st. MIL was pissed, but wouldn't let N talk about what options SHE had. The plan was for MIL to be out by August 1st.

Meanwhile, we went on vacation to California to visit my family. We had a great time and it was pretty frugal, but the last couple of days we went crazy spending-wise. While we were relaxing on the beach, N got a call from Granny saying that she had her lawyer serve MIL with an eviction letter...giving her almost an additional 30 days. We don't know why she escalated it, but it didn't matter because MIL left before August 1st.

She came to visit us. I really feel for her because she is in a bad situation, but she completely made that bed. I asked N if she came to visit would she leave, because it was a real concern (to me) that she might decide she likes living in our house. It was as good of a visit as we would get with her. She frequently compared our house to N's sister's (who she had visited prior to us) and of course SIL's house was better. But then after we found out that she was doing the same thing to SIL but over there it was how SIL's didn't shape up.

A couple of weeks ago N got a call from his step father (MIL's ex husband) that Granny's husband, Uncle-Granpa, had died. We were expecting this, but it was still sad. N called Granny to see what happened and she kept getting Uncle Grandpa confused with his son. Well, it turned out that Uncle Grandpa didn't pass away-his son Danny did.

Danny took care of everyone in the family. He helped out with Granny and Uncle Grandpa, his mom is committed to a state institution so he looked out for her, he was raising several of his grandchildren. He only slept a couple of hours a night. His body literally quit.

Uncle Grandpa was able to make it to Danny's funeral. And then I guess he started giving up. He passed away yesterday. N and I will be going down tomorrow afternoon and the funeral is Thursday. I am not super into funerals, but it will mean a lot to Granny to be there so I will go.

Granny has someone living with her until November 1st, so that is good. N told her that they are going to sit down and have a discussion about what she's going to do in the future, what she can afford, and how to get her to have the best future she can. Earlier, he had met with her lawyer and her financial adviser and she can afford assisted living or in home care, but she is convinced she can't. She is thankful that someone is looking out for her.

Financially, things are still going well. They could be a little better, but that's because I am not making the best decisions Wink

We're super excited about the Cubs making the World Series! We're trying not to spend all our money at the bar but MLB has made it really hard. We don't have cable, so there's no streaming through the MLB website, or our cable provider. We can't get Sling TV or Playstation Vue because it doesn't support our Fox market. We can't use the antenna because it won't pick up the Fox station that is 60 miles away. It is really RIDICULOUS. We're using a legal grey area streaming site on a laptop that we don't use often just in case it gets infected. It's stupid because we're willing to pay, just not every month to a cable provider.

That's about it! I read every day, but will try harder to update.