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The new year!

January 3rd, 2018 at 06:27 pm

The pups and I spent New Years at my Godmother's house. I love these dogs so much

I bought Little Bit a Yoda sweater since he is so small and it is so cold. He seems to like it well enough.

Sonny, on the left, took over my godparent's house. He decided it was his, and every time they entered the room he barked at them-he doesn't like strangers in his house!

This wasn't from New Year's, but I had to share. Little Bit is such an ugly boy! But he loooooooves me so much. And I love him. We are inseparable-but that is not necessarily my choice.

It was nice spending New Years Eve with my godmother, because it was also my mom's birthday. And my godmother is the closest thing to my mom I've got. I've been missing her so,so much lately. Here is a picture my godmother gave me of her and me.

Can you believe that woman was 36 when that photo was taken?! She looks like a baby!

I have moved into the new house full time now. It is taking some time to get things put together. My most major complaint right now is how much of the heat just floats out of the house. This weekend I am going to insulate the windows and make door drafts to try to keep the heat inside. I don't mind a colder house, but I do mind a heater running constantly but not being able to heat the house above 63. I don't look forward to my first electric bill, to be honest.

I made some really smart purchases with gift cards yesterday. N and I ran errands together (because we still do that. I don't know how to describe what we are but 'separated' is the closest term. We aren't in a serious relationship, we don't live together, but we still have some kind of relationship that is a bit more than friendship.)

Anyway, I bought a much needed trash can for $1.50 OOP since I had a Menard's rebate. I used a $5 Target gift card as a partial payment for a $13 hair dryer (I didn't have one! And I need it for the window insulation kits!) I got a $100 Sam's Club gift card from Swagbucks and I bought: Toothpaste, mouth wash, laundry detergent, trash bags, kitty litter and V8. The trash bags and toothpaste should last about a year, the rest for several months. Except the V8. That's a kind of splurge but one I'm okay with.

Then I took N out for fries and drinks, so that blew my whole eating out budget for the month but okay. This is a transitional month.

I got a mystery shop in a town about an hour away this weekend. The shop itself pays very well, and I got distance pay. Now I am trying to figure out how many other shops to tack on. If I do all I plan, then it's two take out restaurant shops (will get salads to eat for lunches for the next few meals),two grocery shops, Bed Bath and Beyond and possibly 5 guys and a gas shop. The only problem is getting all the reports done. I know I will be beat by the time I get home, but will still have 2-3 more hours of work left to do... But I feel like I can't really turn down the work/money/food...

Credit cards are at -$27,681 which is sobering. So far I am not paying interest on any of it, but will start to pay a little next month. I am really trying to keep my spending down and earn more so that the interest paid is minimal. Paying rent every month is really going to slow down my credit card payments.

That's the most that is going on here. Just taking one day at a time and trying to do my best. That's all anyone can do, really.