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First entry!

October 31st, 2014 at 07:56 am

I began tracking my net worth monthly two and a half years ago. When started I created a completely arbitrary goal of having a million dollar total net worth (not liquid assets) by the time I was 35. Last month I had an unexpected windfall and was able to pay off my student loans and car 2 years early. Now that I am 100% debt free I am focusing increasing my savings and investments to make my arbitrary goal.

Every month I have about $1500 of planned savings. $1000 to savings accounts, $458 to my IRA and my employer contributes about $60 to a retirement account for me.

Each month when I track my net worth I also determine how much I have to save or have my investments grow to get to my goal. This month I need $5,856.84.

In addition to my retirement and savings accounts I own a house without a mortgage. I use zillow to track the home value. I know that this number is not necessarily accurate or useful, but it is a ballpark and I feel comfortable with that number.

Savings for October (not including growth in investments-will update that tomorrow):

Mutual Fund: $1000 (10/7)
IRA: $458.33 (10/17)
Short Term Savings $100 (10/31)
Total: 1558.33

4298.51 left to make October goal.

Obviously, I am not going to make this goal (or any of my monthly goals) for awhile. But I hope that if I track my savings and have a concrete number goal I will be more inclined to throw money and extra money into savings, and eventually the markets will help make up the difference.

I still want to live life though, and since I am completely debt free I do have some things I want to spend money on. I will be getting braces soon and I want to start travelling again. Those things will impact my savings but if it takes an extra couple of years to get to my million dollar goal then that's fine. It is arbitrary and I don't want to become so obsessed with it that I become a miser.