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Money musings

May 28th, 2015 at 07:47 am

We have been spending too much money. And it won't stop! I am not sure if I am just unrealistic about my budget or if we just have no willpower or both.

My partner's son turn 15 this month. He wanted a banjo, so my partner paid for that. We also had 2 "family" outings (My partner was previously married to a woman who is not his son's mother. So it was Son's mom and her boyfriend, and partner's ex-wife and her boyfriend, then partner and me. We are a modern family.) We went to a movie one night and then dinner then next night. I paid for partner's son's portion of each so all told I spent about $100 on his birthday. Which isn't too bad. Oh! But we also had just a "us" family dinner and invited the couple that we have Sunday family dinners with, and I cooked the birthday boy's requested meal- Kraft Mac & Cheese, sausages and greenbeans. So, that was probably another $60 spent, but we had left overs for days!

I feel like we have spent an extraordinary amount of money on eating out but I added it up and its "only" $241. Not at all great, but my credit card seems super high so at least only a portion is eating out.

I replaced most of the clothes that I need for the year this month, as well. I needed new flats and bought 2 pairs, I got 3 new pairs of pants since I am down to my last 2. And I also found tank tops from Target that I love-they are long, not super clingly and not revealing. I bought 4 and wish I bought more. The only thing left to buy is new underwear (I got new bras last month) but I am going to try to wait another month for that.

I wanted to put $1000 into savings this month but it looks like it will only be $800, and even that might be cutting it close. $800 is better than nothing, though.

I am nervous because we are going to California next month (3 weeks from yesterday!) and I know we are just going to spend a shit ton (technical term) because there will be 3 of us and not just two. We have the money, but there will just be less to save for our next property. BUT experiences are worth it, I just don't want to be wasting money on baseball beers and In & Out (okay..not TOO much money on In & Out Wink )

I am looking at ways to cut our bills but the rest of the household isn't as jazzed as I am about resisting the AC or turning lights off when we're not in a room (or at home at all!). I am about to pull the trigger of switching cell service to Consumer Cellular and I should be able to save $40-50 each month. I'll take it!

I'm going to try to get back into writing here. I feel like it might help keep me more responsible.

May 1 net worth

May 28th, 2015 at 07:25 am

I guess the month really got away from me.

My goal for May 1 was to increase my net worth by $6,131.69. I managed to increase it by a whopping $8,811.25!

Most of the increase is artificial- my rental house's value increased by +/- $6k. My investments were up about $1300, with only $458 from my own contributions. So $700 appreciation is not bad at all!

Debt decreased by $3000, but again most of that is artifical. Most of it was the first payment on our roof, which I had been saving for for the past couple months and is reflected in the lower amount in my checking account. Only $90 went to (my portion of) the mortgage.

The goal for June 1 (Monday!) is $6,098.61.

Of that, I would like $1300 of it to be from saving/investing. This is cheating because I know I can do at least that much, but maybe July 1st's goal will be up to $1500.