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23 weeks and credit card update.

November 24th, 2015 at 04:17 am

After my previous whiney entry, I had a good sleep. And then a couple days of good sleep and exercise. I am back to "normal".

This week is a short week. Yesterday I only worked my part time job because it was the floating holiday for my full time. I have long days today and tomorrow and then paid time off from both jobs Thursday and Friday. I work Saturday and that's the last shift as full time status at current job.

Next week I work 2 part time jobs! Then starting 12/7 I go back to working 60 hours a week. I think things will start to feel better financially in January. Or, at least I hope so because I am not appreciating being so stressed out because of money.

The credit cards didn't go down as much as I wanted, but I will be able to knock out the Roof 1 card next month and hopefully 1/4 of roof 2 card as well. Other than that everything is going smoothly.

Balance 10/23 Balance 11/24
Roof 1 $374.23 $349.23
Roof 2 $4,549.43 $4,481.43
Best Buy $723.99 $598.99
Reno Card $10,921.26 $10,933.57
Visa $3,240.42 $171.64
MC $2,073.82 $2,711.76
Total $21,883.15 $19,246.62

I have 438.2 to get me through 12/5. That should be enough. I spent a ton on Thanksgiving but we are hosting 8 adults. However, there should be enough leftovers to help us with groceries next week. My godmother and her husband will be here this week and I want to try to pay for a meal out (we'll see if they'll let me treat them).

Other than that I am just plugging along. 23 weeks until I can go to just one full time job! I am still hoping for a little sooner!

I really want to quit.

November 18th, 2015 at 03:35 pm

I am very unhappy working 60 hours a week. I am not taking care of myself as well as I would like, I am tired all the time, and I have very little time for myself. I know I need to stick it out for as long as I can and while I am sticking it out I need to make good decisions and live as frugally as I can. But I am tired.

I want someone to tell me it's okay to quit...and then be my safety net in case I need help. I am a baby and a whiner right now, but did I mention I'm tired? Wink

I know that if I stick it out for even a month more I will be in a much better place. AirBnB is working out well for us this month, and when we've had 3 good months in a row then maybe I will feel like I can reasonably count on the money, but I don't feel that way yet.

In other news, I have only spent about $379 out of the $1000 I have to spend until Dec 4. I think I am going to make my goal of keeping my spending down! I still have 16 more days left, so anything can happen. But I have only 2 more grocery trips and my cell phone left to pay. And maybe another tank of gas. I can do this!

Using up and making do

November 16th, 2015 at 12:58 pm

Yesterday I made banana bread and muffins using 10 ripe bananas that we would have to throw out soon. I had all the other ingredients on hand AND I used coconut flour so they are gluten free. The make a nice snack/addition to breakfast and aren't terrible for us.

I am trying to keep my spending from November 12- December 4 to $1000. $400 for groceries, $100 for eating out, $300 for room heaters, $50 for gas, $50 for the water bill and $75 for my cell phone. That leaves $25 to spend on whatever.

So far I have spent $449.80. The heaters came in at $246 but should help us save money this winter by heating only the rooms we're in while keeping the house set at 55. Groceries are at 144.89. I am trying to keep it as low as I can because I know we'll go a little crazy for Thanksgiving.

This week we're making two meals, then one day of fish, one day of frozen leftovers, one day of "regular" left overs, one meal out and one meal at our couple friends (we alternate Sundays). I have enough food for an additional meal we can make if we happen to run out of food. If not, it will be in rotation for next week.

AirBnB is going amazingly well. Our space is/was rented for 14 days this month (so far!) and will bring us $1183 with minimal effort. This is unbelievable. We want to keep $2000 in the account at all times ($649 for mortgage and then $1300 for property taxes due in spring) and once we get above that then we'll start using it for utilities or to pay off the renovation bills.

The wants are plaguing me big time right now. I am trying hard to focus on my goals and make do with what I got. But I have a list a mile long of all the things I want when I have disposable income again Smile

24 Weeks

November 12th, 2015 at 06:27 am

That is my self imposed deadline for when I can quit working two jobs. I will give my two weeks April 15 and my last day will be at the end of the month.

I accepted full time work at the university and will go down to part time at my current job. I am still conflicted/scared/excited/nervous about what all this means but I have already accepted and what's done is done. I start at the University 12/7 and am talking to current HR this afternoon to pinpoint a good day to make the transition to part time.

This week I was working with one of the men who was part of the interview committee for the job I have been sick about not getting. He said to me "You've been working here, what, for about 2 years now?" and I said "Well, more like 6." and he was FLOORED that it had been so long. It wasn't until I got home and told my partner this story that I realized he probably never even looked at my application package.

I wanted to just quit outright but I would need to find an extra $300 a month and would have no savings and if there was any kind of emergency or problem I just wouldn't have enough. So April 15th it is.

The plan is to act as if I have that $300/month deficit and try to save and pay off debt as much as I can in hopes that I can quit a little bit earlier.

This weekend I am going to start listing things on ebay to get rid of and try to bring in a couple bucks. I will change my cell phone soon but I applied for a job and don't want to change my number until I hear from them or can reasonably assume I won't.

One good piece of news- the 0% interest card for the majority of the roof is good until October 2016, not June like I thought. I still want it gone ASAP but it does give me a little flexibility in payments.

Here goes. 24 weeks. I got this.

October spending

November 1st, 2015 at 06:38 am

I am surprised with how this month went. Definitely overspent on the Wedding (no regrets) but under spent elsewhere so it all evened out in the end. Let's hope November can be as successful!

Variable Actual Budgeted Remaining
Groceries $274.86 $325.00 $50.14
Eating Out/ $280.44 $275.00 ($5.44)
Insurances $166.00 $166.00 $0.00
Electric $126.07 $125.00 ($1.07)
Vectren $27.35 $50.00 $22.65
Water $84.17 $50.00 ($34.17)
Gas $26.02 $50.00 $23.98
Cats $92.45 $50.00 ($42.45)
Roof $869.00 $800.00 ($69.00)
Cell Phone $0.00 $75.00 $75.00
MISC $36.91 $300.00 $263.09
Renovation $100.00 $200.00 $100.00
IRA $458.33 $458.33 $0.00
Wedding $1,126.86$750.00($376.86)