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Staying in a motel this weekend

February 10th, 2017 at 01:04 pm

We have to spend the weekend in a motel.

We blocked out the entire month of January thinking that would be enough time to complete our renovation. Then we thought it would be enough time to at least finish the bathroom. And it turns out, it wasn't. Which isn't so terrible, but we only have one bathroom now and it is in the Airbnb space. We won't cancel a booking because it seriously negatively affects our status, plus we need the income to pay the mortgage Smile

So, we're at a motel, while our guests have the airbnb space. I was able to get the cost of the motel from $179 to $124, so that's helpful. The guests are paying $204 to stay at our place so we still come out ahead. I am putting the cost as part of the reno, though.

We have guests next weekend too, but by then we should have a toilet!

Yesterday and today have not been so great. I snapped at N this morning. I absolutely should not have raised my voice at him-that is not what nice and civilized people do. But, I feel at least what I was frustrated about was legitimate. Still not okay to be rude/mean/bitchy to your partner, though.

I haven't really woken up today, despite sleeping pretty good. What I want is to take a long, hot shower and cry my eyes out. Maybe then I can perk up. And then I would like to eat a bunch of greasey, cheesey food. I know what I really should do is get out and moving, so maybe I will try to do that instead.

I don't want to eat out tonight. In addition to not having a toilet, we also don't have a kitchen. We have a induction cook plate that is awesome, so I am hoping I can convince N to a pasta dish, or something else relatively easy to make. We've been having lots of crock pot meals, too, but that isn't an option for dinner tonight.

I made the best lasagna I have ever made in my cooking life in the crockpot recently. It was from Betty Crocker-http://www.bettycrocker.com/recipes/slow-cooker-family-favorite-lasagna/c030b869-a04f-4135-a79c-9effd6171c1d

House, job, focus...

February 8th, 2017 at 07:18 am

I guess it is time for my quarterly post?

House situation- instead of me buying N out of the house, we decided to do something on the more radical end of the spectrum. We're in the middle of a DIY renovation. We are hoping that upgrading the bathroom and kitchen will increase the value of our house enough to both pay back the cost of the reno and get N the money he wants out of the house. We've done some other upgrades previously (new metal roof, adding another full bath, finishing the basement) that the numbers should work. Then, we will get a HELOC, pay off the reno, N will have his money and still have a share in the house.

Right now the money we've spent is put on 0% interest credit cards. It looks like it will be under $12k for the entire operation.

-N is doing 95% of all the work, so he will "earn" more equity in the house even though he will be taking some out.
-Risks associate with the house, costs for repairs, etc, will still be split between me & N
-I don't have to refinance a higher mortgage with a higher interest rate and resetting the mortgage.
-new kitchen and bathroom!!!!

-It's risky taking money out of the house for something that isn't going to earn us money.
-Another payment (but Airbnb and/or N will be responsible for it.)

So, that's what is happening with that. I feel better about the situation but it's not great. I wish it didn't feel so rushed. Also, I wish it was done. We started the week before Christmas and it is take way, way longer than anticipated.


Still meh. I like it better than I did, so that is something. The public library has an adult librarian position open and I am definitely applying but I can help but feel discouraged by it all. I think it is likely (but not definite) that I will get an interview. But I think it's pretty likely they will not hire me even if I am awesome. I love, love, love the mission of the public library and would love to be able to feel like the work I am doing is "good" but it sounds like all of the problems I had with the administration of the library before I left are only getting worse.

Other things:

I have been really unhappy lately. I am seeing a counselor but I am not sure she is the "right" one for me. I was doing really well for a few weeks-I started exercising most days, paying attention to my diet, finally started sleeping good and made sure to make time for me. But then I got sick and missed work for almost 9 days. I am starting to get back into the exercise and stuff but I still feel stuck.

I also am having problems focusing. Partly because I can't turn my brain off and partly because...I am unmotivated? Lazy? Sad? Something else? Do any of you have recommendations? I know I feel better when I get good sleep, and I sleep better when I have been exercising. But I feel like there is SO MUCH I want to do, but don't have enough time to do it. And then when I do have time I end up wasting/squandering it. I think I might try a meditation app but my attention span is pathetic.

I haven't been totally MIA from blogging, even if I haven't been writing on SA. I started this blog (www.projectbeachlife.com) I have so many great ideas for it but then run out time or am too tired to be creative when I do have the time.

Financially things are going okay, but they could be better. Getting sick for so long meant a lot of take out, but now that I am well I am trying to get back into cooking and taking care of things myself instead of throwing money at a "problem." Baby steps!