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Low spend weekend

February 8th, 2016 at 07:06 am

Kitty man is doing a lot better! He still has the sneezes, but maybe 5 times a day instead of 5 times an hour. He doesn't like the medicine, but within 10 minutes of the traumatic experience he is on my lap cuddling. He has started playing again and harrassing the other cat so he is well on the way to full recovery.

However, the old lady cat (Boney-short for Bonaparte) has leaky eyes. They were really bad last night leaking gobs of green clumpy grossness. I tried to wipe them out best I could but she was not having it. I am hoping that this will resolve itself, but if it is still bad tomorrow she will be going to the vet.

I grocery shopped this weekend and came waaaay under budget! I am super jazzed, but I know I will make up for it later in the month. I also ordered a $25 gift card to Sam's from Swagbucks. I hope it comes in time for me to use it next weekend and continue the low spending.

N's dad was here this weekend which meant he treated us to a couple of nice meals out Smile We are lucky he takes care of us so well when we see him.

Here's where the budget stands so far this month:

So far most everything is on track. Except for the cats and what can you do about that?

My partner has started driving for Uber. His first try was last Friday and he made $30 in 1.5 hours-which isn't too bad. It was exclusively students that didn't want to walk to class or take the free busses. Good for him-but why are those students wasting their money!!!!

Today he was about for another 1.5 hours and has made $25. It's weathering so he is thinking of going out for a bit more. We're hoping to add this to the list of things we can do to diversify our income streams Smile He just needs to figure out when it is worth it for him to go out. We rider demand is high and there aren't a lot of drivers out there is a surge, and the drivers get paid x amount higher than the base rate. If the surge is at 2x then he is making $10 per ride, and rides average 3-7 minutes. Not so bad! He isn't interested in driving the drunkies around though. Too much risk. So right now he is only driving mornings. Though, yesterday he went out to buy us some beer and checked the surge to see if he could give a ride that would cover the amount beer costs Smile This is going to be an interesting experiment.

AirBnB is still running smoothly. We haven't had to add money to the joint account to pay for the mortgage since we started. We originally had a 2 week stay for $1200 booked for this month, but at the last minute (well, a few days in advance) so that is a bummer. We have changed our cancellation policy. We have about $600 booked and only need 2-3 more days to get to $800.

I am still looking for ways to lower expenses or make more money. I am getting nervous about April with taxes being due. I estimate I'll owe about $1000 between feds and state, but my tax guy usually works magic and lowers what I estimate I owe by a couple hundred. I should be in a much better position next year, but will increase my state withholding by a bit anyway. Worst case scenario is I can lower the amount withheld for voluntary retirement plans at my job (not the one with the free match) to free up some cash. But I want to avoid doing that for as long as possible.

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  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Glad kitty is doing better!

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