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Quarter 1 goals

January 25th, 2016 at 03:49 pm

I wrote an entry a couple of weeks ago but somehow it got eaten.

These are my quarter 1 goals:

1. Save $750
2. Owe $800 or less on the roof
3. Get my credit score up to 700.

January 1st
$0 saved
$4,414.43 owed for the roof
681 credit score

January 25th
$301.14 saved
$3,981.43 owed on the roof
684 credit score.

I am not sure if I will make my savings goals but I am going to try. I got notice of what my real paychecks from the university will be. Unfortunately it is about $50 less each paycheck than I was expected.

Adding to that downer is that I have been sick for the past week. I have missed 3 days of work at the University (24 hours) but only have 10 hours of sick leave. I missed 3 days at the public library but I have an absurd amount of sick leave so I am not concerned there. I finally went to urgent care this morning because I am just getting worse but there was no real diagnosis. I might have a sinus infection so I was given antibiotics and they also gave me codeine cough syrup so I can sleep at night. It is so annoying, I feel miserable and I hate missing this much work-forget about the lesser paycheck.

Luckily I am under budget- being sick means not going out and not really having an appetite. We over shopped last weekend so this weekend we just needed some basics. Friday and Saturday my partner's mom, his sister and her 3 kids are visiting. I am super excited and hope that we can think of some kid friendly meals with stuff that we already have.

1 Responses to “Quarter 1 goals”

  1. snafu Says:

    I hope you're feeling better and able to cope with three children, SO's mom and sister. Visitors when you're not well is twice as much effort. There is a huge flu outbreak here, it's so severe it's putting people in hospital. Have you talked to your pharmacists about what seems to be affecting in your community? Can s/he make any recommendations to help you feel better?

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