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22 weeks and this week

December 5th, 2015 at 04:21 am

This week was an easy one. I am only working 46.5 hours (picked up some extra hours at my PT job). Monday starts my new 60 hour week but I will only do that for 2 weeks before the holidays start and that will give me a little extra time off Smile

I ended up over budget by $41.45 and I will take it! This was my first month of drastically cutting spending. Even with the holiday I was able to cut back!

December 5-12 spending plan:
Water bill- $45
groceries- $75
new bag- $10
dinner out- $60
New PJs for kid (Christmas present)- $20
Total: $210

I need a new bag but I am going to try to buy it used. If I don't get it this week then I will just add it to the next spending plan. Eating out probably won't cost that much, but I don't know if we're going with the kid or not.

My partner wanted to go out to eat on Thursday. It was my turn to pay and I was already over budget. He offered to pay but I was concerned that he wouldn't have enough left over at the end of the month because airbnb is slowing down and he'd be responsible for a lot more of the mortgage than last month. I said "I want to quit my second job more than I want to eat out" and he said "well, I can't argue with that." We went to Kroger and got a frozen pizza instead. Not at all healthy, but a lot cheaper!

I am a little worried about sticking with $1000 for December 12- January 5. We will be traveling out of town twice for the holidays which will mean eating out at least twice and filling up the tank extra times. Luckily gas prices are low. Then there is presents for the partner's large family. The past two years we have given them mason jars containing the ingredients for a meal plus a homemade sweet treat. I think that is the route we are going this year as well. It is inexpensive and I hope appreciated.

I got very creative using all the leftover thanksgiving food (except for the desserts-we had to throw them out. We just don't eat sweets enough.) I am hoping to continue my creativity this month to keep the grocery costs down. That and eating out are just about the only things in my control right now.

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