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Job and renovation updates.

October 1st, 2015 at 03:25 pm

I am getting towards the end of week three of working 60 hours a week. How does anyone do this long term? I thought I was young enough but I guess not Wink

My job situation is...still not ideal. I interviewed for another part time job at the university (which would then make me full time and eligible for all those great benefits) but still haven't heard back. I am getting nervous because at the end of the interview (which was the most awkward interview I've ever been in because it was the same people who interviewed me just a couple weeks ago for the same job) the 2nd interviewer asked me to apply for her job (same job, different collection again) in case things didn't work out with this job. So I think I will be either getting an offer or interview but until I know.

Things with full time job got better after my partner said to me "You know, Conan didn't get the Tonight Show and he is still doing okay." Which is absolutely true. Maybe this is not the place for me. It's not the end of the world. He also told me that if I find a "dream job" fairly close by (two hour radius, appx) that I should go for it and then I can get a studio apartment (the areas around here have a much lower cost of living than our town-and even our town is super low compared to most of the US)and we will work out seeing each other on our days off. I am really so incredibly lucky to a have a partner that will sacrifice so that I can have a meaningful career. I'm not sure this is an option I want to pursue, but I am willing to explore it. And it does take some of the pressure off knowing it is an option.

I am going to try to work these two jobs in whatever combo (Uni FT, other job PT or Uni PT and current job FT) until I make a sizable dent in the debt. There is more to come, as well.

We are turning our basement into a guest suite. We will have a steel door separating the suite from the main house, to give privacy to our guests and keep us safe. We put in a full bathroom (with laundry facilities), a kitchenette (microwave and small fridge, no stove) and a closet. Our plan is to rent it out on AirBnB for $100/night. We are 1 mile away from the university, .8 miles from downtown, on a busline and in a historic neighborhood. We think it that price is realistic and that it will make us a good amount of money, eventually.

The renovations were estimated to be $16,680. We have spent about $12,000 and have just enough cash left to pay the remainder. But, we still need to furnish it.

Partner and I have gone back and forth on what we want the space to look like and what we need. We want it to be nice and compete with the hotels. So we are probably going to buy a bed, mattress and sofa bed from a furniture store in town offering 0% interest for 18 months. I want to spend $1500 on that. We might buy a small table and chairs for the kitchenette, but we might repurpose something we already have for that. We'll still need to get a TV-but nothing ridiculous.

We want to have 4 sets of bedding, ideally (2 for the bed, 2 for the sofa) but we'll start out with 1 and purchase it using Amazon.com gift cards. We'll also need shower curtain, towels, trash cans and dishes. The dishes I plan on getting from goodwill. The rest...who knows. I am beyond broke right now and we just might have to get creative.

Luckily October will be a 5 paycheck month for me- 3 from my FT job and 2 from the PT.

When we were planning for the renovation, I made sure we would be able to pay for it without taking into consideration any of the money we hope to make from it. Hopefully, we'll be able to use AirBnB money to pay for most of the monthly obligations Smile If not, we always have the option of renting it out long term.

1 Responses to “Job and renovation updates.”

  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I don't think I could work 60 hour weeks anymore. 40 hour ones are exhausting enough.

    I hope you hear good news back on the interview!

    Your renovations sounds like a lovely space. It sounds as though you're not planning on renting it as university housing?

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