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This and that.

July 21st, 2015 at 04:22 am

My balance transfer initiated just fine-quickly and without any problems. Just like with most things in my life, I made it more stressful than was necessary Smile

Last Friday I went ahead and just transferred the rest of the money that I wanted to get into savings this month. So I have met my monthly goal of $1100.

Next month I will take it down a notch or two. I am hoping to save $900. I will have to get ready to start paying on the balance transfer and more exciting-my best friend is getting married! The wedding isn't until October but I want to save and pay for things as we go so it doesn't put as much pressure on us.

The wedding is about 10 hours away. We are almost positive that we'll be driving. We'll have to rent a car there anyway, and with the cost of plane tickets for the both us it makes more since financially to drive. We'll probably drive straight through on Friday, spend Friday and Saturday night there and then stop part of the way back Sunday and spend the night somewhere. Hotels near the ceremony are about $150/night. I am sure we can find a motel 6 somewhere between here and there to break up the drive and lower the cost a little bit Smile

Next up-figuring out a gift!

Other than that things are running on autopilot around here. I was really proud of us this weekend. We normally fall into bad habits on our days off and end up eating out waaay too much. I saw it coming on Saturday and made us both lunch and dinner. Both were new recipes but really easy and both were delicious.

1 Responses to “This and that.”

  1. snafu Says:

    Terrific that card transfer was completed without problems. Figuring out a wedding gift for a good friend could be fun. Since she's a best friend, I hope you'll feel comfortable suggesting she quickly sign on for gift registry/gift apps at several chains with different price points and focus like Tech, Target, Macy's, BBB etc. since some people will want to acknowledge her engagement and any other celebratory events between now and wedding. What wedding gift[s] do you cherish? I've been married a very long time and have several items, originally wedding gifts that make me think of the individual and smile each time I use and enjoy the items.

    I never buy items with the couple's name or initials imposed as I've been told about heated arguments which resulted in anything with that type of engraving gets tossed to trash to emphasis distress.

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