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June net worth and July goals update

July 5th, 2015 at 03:45 pm

My net worth, like most people I am assuming, went down last month, to the tune of $6,712.83. But, I put the rest of the roof payment on my credit card last month which was $7432 so aside from that I was able to increase my savings a bit.

Right now my total debts (mortgage and credit cards I pay off every month) are at $75,696.95. I want to get that below $75,000 by Aug 1. I am transferring the roof debt to a 0% interest credit card for 12 months (aiming at paying it off in 10) so even though I pay my balances off monthly, this time I will be carrying one but for no interest.

Other goals:

*Have a yard sale by the end of the month.- Currently have made zero progress on this
*Transfer $100 to savings every Friday- initiated first transfer on Friday!
*Find cheaper cell phone plan- Have not worked on this, perhaps this week.
*Put $1100 in savings- $100/$1100
*Stick to $75/week grocery shopping- Spent $98 yesterday, but $34 was for alcohol for the 4th of July party we went to yesterday and the birthday part we're going to tonight. I am not going to count it towards our grocery spending. So basically on track.

I am getting a little nervous because I haven't received the rent check from my renters for July. I told them as long as it's postmarked by the first that it isn't late, so there is still time. Plus with the holiday, that might add on another day. If I haven't gotten it by Tuesday I'll have to call which I hate doing.

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