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A night in

June 9th, 2015 at 10:21 am

Last night as we were making dinner (a nice salad with baked chicken) my partner asked if I wanted to go on a walk after dinner and stop for cocktails-his treat. I told him that since we don't have enough money in the joint account to pay our July 1st mortgage (we're about $40 short) that I don't think we should be spending money on alcohol out. He agreed and we came to a compromise- to go out and buy a bottle of wine to go with dinner. Cheaper than the cocktails and no temptation to keep ordering.

I signed up for the Sam's Club membership yesterday and did a little shopping. I am not sure we will use it much-we don't buy packaged food hardly ever, and fruits and veggies do tend to go bad. But I got some fruit for our smoothies and a bag of coconut flour (5 pounds for $8) We'll look at meat and take a tour together when we get back from our vacation. I don't want to load up the house with food if we're just going to leave it for 10 days.

Nothing else really going on. Still trying to keep expenses low while enjoying life.

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