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Money musings

May 28th, 2015 at 07:47 am

We have been spending too much money. And it won't stop! I am not sure if I am just unrealistic about my budget or if we just have no willpower or both.

My partner's son turn 15 this month. He wanted a banjo, so my partner paid for that. We also had 2 "family" outings (My partner was previously married to a woman who is not his son's mother. So it was Son's mom and her boyfriend, and partner's ex-wife and her boyfriend, then partner and me. We are a modern family.) We went to a movie one night and then dinner then next night. I paid for partner's son's portion of each so all told I spent about $100 on his birthday. Which isn't too bad. Oh! But we also had just a "us" family dinner and invited the couple that we have Sunday family dinners with, and I cooked the birthday boy's requested meal- Kraft Mac & Cheese, sausages and greenbeans. So, that was probably another $60 spent, but we had left overs for days!

I feel like we have spent an extraordinary amount of money on eating out but I added it up and its "only" $241. Not at all great, but my credit card seems super high so at least only a portion is eating out.

I replaced most of the clothes that I need for the year this month, as well. I needed new flats and bought 2 pairs, I got 3 new pairs of pants since I am down to my last 2. And I also found tank tops from Target that I love-they are long, not super clingly and not revealing. I bought 4 and wish I bought more. The only thing left to buy is new underwear (I got new bras last month) but I am going to try to wait another month for that.

I wanted to put $1000 into savings this month but it looks like it will only be $800, and even that might be cutting it close. $800 is better than nothing, though.

I am nervous because we are going to California next month (3 weeks from yesterday!) and I know we are just going to spend a shit ton (technical term) because there will be 3 of us and not just two. We have the money, but there will just be less to save for our next property. BUT experiences are worth it, I just don't want to be wasting money on baseball beers and In & Out (okay..not TOO much money on In & Out Wink )

I am looking at ways to cut our bills but the rest of the household isn't as jazzed as I am about resisting the AC or turning lights off when we're not in a room (or at home at all!). I am about to pull the trigger of switching cell service to Consumer Cellular and I should be able to save $40-50 each month. I'll take it!

I'm going to try to get back into writing here. I feel like it might help keep me more responsible.

2 Responses to “Money musings”

  1. snafu Says:

    If you can get buy-in from the other two travellers...it's less expensive and healthier to take a cooler with you to CA. Buying water + Crystal Lite, juice/soda at the grocery store is way cheaper than 7/11, gas bar or vending machine enroute. It's faster, healthie and less costly to buy fruit, bagged salad, fresh baked buns and deli fillings or rotisserie chicken at any large grocery chain store. If hotels don't include breakfast bars, it's easy peasy to use regular cereal in a disposable/paper cup & plastic cutlery. Can you see the issue with In/Out & beer as calories/weight gain and makes you smell funny?

    I don't know your AC system but if you install a Programmable thermostat, it is easy set to higher temp when everyone's out and much cooler temp when the family returns home...reversing the numbers in the winter as you wish. The only coping device for leaving lights on is LED bulbs. I was surprised at how much phantom power, instant-on devices added to kWH. We've been using more 'surge' power bars to turn off stuff but I don't see any cost difference.

    It's getting more popular to go 'thrifting.' That translates to shopping at Goodwill, consignment stores and charity shops. They have been presenting their merchandise on the Target model plus all that consumerism has translates into name brand clothes, often with tags still in place.

    ...just some unedited thoughts

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