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May 1 net worth

May 28th, 2015 at 07:25 am

I guess the month really got away from me.

My goal for May 1 was to increase my net worth by $6,131.69. I managed to increase it by a whopping $8,811.25!

Most of the increase is artificial- my rental house's value increased by +/- $6k. My investments were up about $1300, with only $458 from my own contributions. So $700 appreciation is not bad at all!

Debt decreased by $3000, but again most of that is artifical. Most of it was the first payment on our roof, which I had been saving for for the past couple months and is reflected in the lower amount in my checking account. Only $90 went to (my portion of) the mortgage.

The goal for June 1 (Monday!) is $6,098.61.

Of that, I would like $1300 of it to be from saving/investing. This is cheating because I know I can do at least that much, but maybe July 1st's goal will be up to $1500.

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